Our Outstanding Cleaners

We’re proud of our cleaners. They are fully employed by us – we don’t use self-employed cleaners or subcontract out our cleaning services. We fully train all those we hire to clean to our high standards and to approach every client job with our values, commitment and mission in mind.

We know how important is that you can trust your cleaner with your home/office. We police check all our cleaners to ensure they are trustworthy and so that you can feel confident that everything is protected, held within the strictest confidence and your privacy is respected. Our cleaners also understand how important communication is and are very approachable.

At the Fussy Cow, we don’t hire people who are looking for just a job or a way to easy money or don’t have another option. We only hire cleaners who love cleaning and want to make a career out of it. We also only hire cleaners who share our vision. We support our cleaners to help reach their vision and goals. Our aim is to take away the stigma that cleaning is only for the uneducated, is lowly paid and that cleaners don’t have a “life”. Our employees enjoy a balanced work/family lifestyle and getting paid a good wage so they can make a living.

We provide a positive, encouraging, professional environment where our cleaners are respected and encouraged to provide a very high quality of cleaning service not only because they get paid, but because they care! We also acknowledge effort, consistency, high standard and we reward all of our cleaners that go above and beyond for our customers.